Out of concern for our Guests and Staff, we implemented in Protea Hotel *** additional safety policies. We elaborated our own procedures and implemented those which we are obliged to as they have to protect Your and our Employees’ health. They involve all of the facility’s functioning areas.

Safety at the hotel:
  • Dispensers with disinfectants and instructions of use are available at every entrance door
    to the hotel as well as at the reception desk
  • In each sanitary and hygienic room there have been placed instructions concerning washing hands, putting on and off gloves and masks. By the dispenser with disinfectants there are instructions with the proper way of hand disinfection.
  • Staff maintains personal protection and applies the recommended safety rules
  • At the reception desk there is information about the maximum number of guests allowed
    to stay at the hotel concurrently
  • The facility is cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency and under special supervision. On an ongoing basis disinfection of general toilets, reception desk (after each guest), keys, door handles, handrails, handles, telephones, computer keyboards, devices in social rooms and other frequently touched surfaces is being held. Professional cleaning agents are dosed precisely.
  • There is an absolute prohibition of people staying at the hotel who are not accommodated
  • All hotel rooms are systematically ventilated
  • The facility has designated and equipped a room with personal protective equipment
    and disinfectant liquid in which it will be possible to temporarily isolate a person in the event of disease symptoms
  • At the hotel reception desk there are necessary telephone numbers for sanitary
    and epidemiological stations and medical services.
Safety at the reception desk:
  • We suggest that all payments were held non-cash (NFC)
  • All hotel room keys are each time disinfected by the reception staff
  • The receptionists serve guests in a visor/mask. Please also cover your face and mouth
    in the common areas of the hotel
  • Up to 3 people are allowed to stay at the reception lobby at the same time

The reception will hand guests a disposable breakfast menu with a request for return
by no later than 8:00 p.m.

Safety in rooms:

• Room cleaning is restricted and it takes place exclusively at the Guest’s request or every 3 days, during the Guest’s absence.
• Each guest room is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and aired
• If possible, rooms are being sold in a rotational system, including 1 day of stagnancy
• Usage of hotel blow dryers in room bathrooms is prohibited
• If you need to change a towel, take out the trash or add other necessary things, please call reception desk at number 100
• All glasses in rooms and bathrooms are scalded at 100°C after each guest

Safety at the Myśliwska Chata restaurant:
  • Chata Myśliwska Restaurant serves guests only in the form of ROOM SERVICE: both breakfast and afternoon meals
  • The restaurant’s menu is available at check-in. The card is prepared in a way that enables safe and effective disinfection
  • All dishes used to serve a meal are scalded at 100°C.
Direct contact:

If you need help, have any questions for us regarding reservations or precautions, please contact us at: 0048 603 201 101 or by email at:

Both forms of contact are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Useful information:

We recommend following the information on to avoid false information. If you observe disturbing symptoms before your arrival (such as high fever, cough, shortness of breath and trouble breathing), please contact the NFZ 0048 800 190 590 immediately or go by your own transport to the nearest infectious hospital. In the event of justified concerns regarding your state of health, we have the right to cancel your reservation and ask to change the date of stay, in the interests of employees and other guests’ health. We reserve the right to measure temperature. In the new situation all our employees have been thoroughly trained in health and safety rules. The implemented measures will minimize the risk of coronavirus infection.

Your safety is our highest priority – we care for you every day.

We will do our best to make your stay at the PROTEA Hotel fulfilling regardless the new circumstances.

Remember, you are SAFE with us, we care for you every day of your stay.